portable baby chair harness


Material : length 48CM, width 50CM

Tips : Great for babies who can sit up straight without support!

This seat strap is more convenient than a child seat! As long as there is a chair at home, it can be used, and it is very convenient to store and carry, and it does not occupy space at all. It is also very good to go out. Japanese mothers use this almost for the baby. It is very convenient to feed the baby. Don't worry about the baby moving back and forth, falling off the chair. Recommended for new mothers, expectant mothers!

I believe that many mothers have such experiences. When the baby eats, they like to move around. Sometimes they crawl and sometimes eat a bite and go to play. They don’t feed a bite in the toddler, then the mother goes with it. The child has this. It is also difficult to develop a good habit of babies to eat independently. Especially when going out, there are many dining places where the baby stool does not have handrails and safety belts. The baby likes to sit alone and must be supported by adults. Some even don’t provide the baby stools to be held by adults, so adults can’t, eat well. Things, so you have a lot of peace of mind with a seat belt, one belt can be used as a seat belt for the dining table and chair, you can also fix the baby when feeding, the mother can safely feed the baby without worrying about the baby slipping